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As Industrial Service leaders, our goal is continue to demonstrate a commitment to quality, safety and value.  A goal that’s met, repeatedly with every project that you trust us with.  Your trust is what keeps us going.

Having a safe and healthy work environment is paramount to our success.  Safety is key to completing every project we start on time and most effective way possible. Solid Industrial Services will never compromise the health and safety of it’s people, we have implemented the most rigorous safety procedures to continue our track of zero-incidents at job sites.


Solid Industrial Services’ quality management program was formulated to continue our commitment to quality improving customer service satisfaction with every project we start. 

The core of our success as a company is our daily commitment to our core values.  Honesty, integrity, respect and passion, are what makes Solid Industrial Services different than everyone else.


Solid Industrial Services, bringing Solid value to your business

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